WHERE? DLM Culinary Center @ 6177 Far Hills Ave, Dayton, OH 45459

WHAT? This event has multiple courses and perfectly selected wine pairings. Beer and non-alcoholic drinks also available.

Only so many slots, so buy ASAP to get a seat!

Thank you, in advance! Our organization is able to help our youth in a big way, due to these fundraisers!

Accepted Payment methods:
PayPal or Venmo below.
Cash or Check; can be made out to TJ’s Place of Hope and mailed to us or given to a board member
Credit Card; We plan to have a credit card processing solution for day of event, however you risk losing your spot if you wait to pay at the Event. So use with caution.


DLM Culinary Center (Immediately next door to DLM in Centerville)