TJ’s Place of Hope is a safe place for teens and young adults to gather in a confidential environment for recovery from addictions and other destructive behaviors.

We’re an organization of compassionate people working within the community to provide a safe, confidential, peer-reinforced environment to restore hope to young people caught in addictions or addictive behaviors. Through encouragement and support for one another, the goal is for every young person to realize their full potential and dreams.

Who we help?

Teens and Young Adults

T.J.’s Place of Hope is a place for teens and young adults to support and receive support from others their own age
or seek professional referrals to live healthier lifestyles. Many of our young adults tell us that working through their recovery with others of similar ages and circumstances is the right environment for them.

Ages: 12 -25

Family and Friends

T.J.’s Place of Hope can help identify appropriate resources to help families find treatment solutions for their teens. We also welcome those who are not addicted themselves but are impacted by affected family members or friends.

What does T.J.’s Place of Hope offer?

  • A gathering place to meet with others dealing with similar issues.
  • Weekly meetings to facilitate recovery.
  • Peer encouragement and re-enforcement.
  • Identify and discuss choices, life skills, and building supportive relationships.
  • Financial assistance for healthy alternatives for youth seeking productive lifestyles.
  • Resource center for youth and their families to educate themselves and seek treatment.
  • Safe, confidential and nurturing environment where recovery is encouraged.

“In helping others, we help ourselves, for whatever good we
can give out completes the circle and comes back to us.”
– Flora Edwards 

“Hope Beyond Addiction”