FAQs about TJ’s Place of Hope


Q: What do you do exactly?

A: We provide a safe and confidential place to meet for kids ages 12-25 that are struggling with one or more of the following: Addiction, self-harm, eating disorders, depression and/or suicidal thoughts. If you are unable to visit us at our house, we can talk on the phone! Want 1:1 time? No problem. We want whats best for you so if WE can’t help you, we’ll find who can! We work separately with parents and keep all conversations confidential.

Q: How much do your services cost at TJ’s Place of Hope?

A: Nothing! Completely free to parents and kids.

Q: If I want to commit suicide, where do I go?

A: You are too precious to lose!! Tell your parents, friends, teachers etc ASAP. Call 911 immediately and get to a hospital. Call us when you are ready to breathe and start a new fork in the road.

Q: Are you counselors?

A: No, we are more like safe guides and give a listening ear when you need it. The facilitators have all had background checks and ALL have experience in one or more of the struggles we identified above.

Q: What are your hours?

A: The house is used routinely, without a formal schedule. We base our need to use the house on our ‘youths’ needs. We often have 1:1s, meet with parents and/or group of kids. Times are chosen on individual basis. Arriving and no one is there? Give us a call @ 937-436-HOPE.

Q: If I arrive late to a 1:1 or a group meeting, am I allowed in?

A: If you arrive anytime within the 1 hour planned meeting, you may come on in, but know that we stick to the schedule and you may have already missed some critical information/help by arriving late. Sometimes you need us longer than that hour, that can be extended based on the availability of your Facilitator.

Q: Can I bring a friend?

A: The friends you can bring are those also struggling. Although our supporting friends are important to our journey’s, we believe that working with youth in the same situations is more beneficial than having allies join the meeting. Also keep in mind, that these meetings are confidential so the others struggling in the room may not share as you’ve brought someone unfamiliar with their struggles.

Q: I’m not in your age group, can you help me still?

A: In a way, yes… If we cannot help you directly and your peers here at TJs Place of Hope can’t support you the way you need it: We WILL find other options for you. This will be a suggestion, not an order. So anytime we find what can help you, we’ll suggest to you or your guardian. We have matched youth with Brigid’s Path and different Behavioral services. Give us a call @ 937-436-HOPE.

Q: I have a friend dealing with these things, where do I go?

A: Give us a call @ 937-436-HOPE. Our conversation will be confidential and we’ll give specific advise based on the information you provide. If they are suicidal or a danger to others, please call emergency care ie. 911, immediately. We hope to talk to them or you when they are ready.

Other questions that we are going to answer shortly:

if I’m pregnant and I’m using, where can I go?

if I’ve been sexually assaulted where can I go?

can you pick me up for group meetings?

if I need a facilitator or to talk with another kid at TJ‘s Place, how can I contact?