August 2020 Newsletter- Greg Crabtree Executive Director

Thank you for working with us since 2006 as we began our 501C -3 organization. Our son committed suicide 2 weeks before his 19th birthday in 2005. He started using drugs 6-7th grade. We discovered this in the summer before High School. By his Junior year we had him admitted to treatment for 13 months. We were with him and other young men from Friday until Monday for the greater part of that time. Among many things with him we learned cocaine was his addiction.

We would quit immediately if he showed up for breakfast in the morning today but he will not appear with us here. We started soon not knowing exactly what to do but felt we learned a lot about youth and families that we thought were just abusing drugs. We discovered that mental health was at the front. We found out that instead of drugs only; cutting, eating disorders and yes, suicide.

I would be strangely able to explain what we have learned from these really smart young people. We are not professional psychiatrists or psychologists. We work with Dayton Children’s and Kettering Behavioral as well as others. We listen intently to what families want to talk about. We do not charge money. Besides listening we have found out that the kids that let us in their live are artistic, musical or both! They are amazing from that perspective!

Normally the kids over the years have been inside mostly in groups attending different topics. COVID 19 has affected us as well. We have worked with our young people virtually lately. It is lasting longer than what we thought and mental health is becoming more real and intense. In saying we can help as we can effectively make sure our organization is capable and the plan is to protect all of us and you from the pandemic environment. The state of Ohio has given us good directions in keeping this a safe place.

If we can help you, call 937-436-4673 or me (Mr. Greg) at 937-344-2800. We’ll do our best.