Our volunteers help with a variety of tasks, from coordinating fundraising events to facilitating meetings. Some opportunities are available on a one-time or occasional basis, but we are always looking for reliable volunteers who can help us on an ongoing basis.

Here are some examples of giving your time:


These are the adults that meet with our youth 1:1 or in youth group settings. They have all had real life experience with one or more of the struggles we describe. This could mean that they’ve cared for a loved one or supported a dear friend. This requires a background check and meetings with our Board to get approval before meeting with youth. We ask for one male and one female to join these meetings. The meetings can be scheduled routinely or if a child needs us right away.

Would you like to be a Facilitator??? Review this page and sign up here!!


We have a historic home in Centerville, which as you can imagine, requires updates and maintenance. Sometimes it’s hard for us to coordinate someone with the right skills and availability to make these changes or fixes. So if you are skilled in electrical, woodworking, plumbing, renovation etc: come see Our Place and learn of our pressing needs. This can also include landscaping.


We rely 100% on donations for our non-profit. This requires so much work to throw a successful fundraiser and many hands on deck. If you are interested in helping coordinate or gathering donations, please let us know.

Community Outreach

As you can imagine, getting into schools, youth programs, mental health facilities takes a constant relationship and the right personality and connections. Will we have many skilled in this area to help, we could never have enough of these spirited volunteers to gain connections.

All in All…

We take our work seriously and handle our kids with the utmost care. Every single board member has been through or been affected by struggles.

To learn more: Please call us at  937.436.HOPE or:

Contact us for more info on HOW to Get Involved!