What is a Facilitator?

We are not certified counselors. A Facilitator is a volunteer that works directly with youth and families in need. They can meet in person, video call or phone call. The facilitators have all had background checks and ALL have experience in one or more of the struggles identified under the Requirements listed on this page.

TJ’s Place of Hope is a unique place for safe and supportive conversations with other youth around their age. Facilitators are all experienced in addiction, self-harm, eating disorders and/or suicide.

  • We host group meetings, 1 on 1s, parent/child info-shares and parent orientations. The facilitator is there to guide conversation, give input when necessary and provide a safe environment for these interactions.
  • In Parent Orientation, we like to set expectations on the use of our house/time and how parent’s are asked not to join the group meetings or 1 on 1s. Family meetings can be arranged separately.
  • Trust and Safety is at the forefront of every single interaction.
  • No Facilitator is to be left alone to guide a meeting. We need 2 to host. Minimum of one facilitator should be a tenured member of TJ’s Place of Hope Board.

Requirements to become a Facilitator

  • Facilitators need to be experienced in depression, anxiety, addiction, self-harm, eating disorders and/or suicidal thoughts, whether personally (previous to service) or with a job or family member.
  • You must pass a federal background check.
  • Introduction for the head Facilitators to meet you and approve.
  • Training materials will be included and all Facilitators are shadowed for a few months to be certified.
  • We work with youth ages 12 to 25 years old. You must be comfortable with these age groups.
  • Facilitating may require quick thinking and emergency actions, where we ensure the health and safety of kids here. Acknowledge you understand this and commit to our youth’s safety.
  • Commitment for 1 week a month for at least 1 year. If you decide to do more, that’s great!
  • 24 hour notice flexibility is a bonus! May not be needed if main Facilitators are available.

Interested? Please fill this out and we will contact you!

    I am available Tuesday evenings from 6-7pm